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We have huge selections of glass top tables / table tops in various types, designs, sizes, and budget to suit you. You'll find quality glass dining table, glass coffee table, console table, etc at smart, low prices for round, oval, rectangular, square, big or small, clear or frosted glass tables. We update our inventory from time to time, always check back for new additions in our shop!

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Fast Tips For Choosing A Glass Table

Have you consider below factors when buying a glass table? All table have own's functionality and features. We have listed down a quick and short checklist for your reference.

Reasons & What

  • Is the table for your own house? Or it's a gift for someone's new house?
  • Is it for living room, dining room, kitchen, working, or...?
  • Are you looking for table set with chairs or just the table?

Location & Space

  • Have you decided the exact location to place the table?
  • Is the table mainly for indoor, outdoor use?
  • Which is the material, color, size and design match better with the other furniture pieces? See below for more details.

Material, Color, Dimension & Design

  • What table height, size, or dimension? Have you taken the essential measurement to make sure it fit in the allocated space?
  • What material for table frame? Wood, metal, aluminum, wraught iron, chrome or others?
  • Glass tops in black color, clear or frosted glass? Beveled / Pencil / Wave edge? What thickness?
  • Which shape you preferred for the table top? Round, oval, rectangle, square, or artistic shaped table?
  • How strong for the table support? With 3 / 4 legs or pedestal?

When & Budget

  • When do you need the table? Within 1-2 weeks or anytime is fine?
  • What is your budget so you did not over spend.
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